Do you have family photograph you wish you knew more about?  Maureen can help!


Maureen Taylor is an internationally recognized expert on photograph identification and genealogy, bringing together her knowledge and skills in history and research into family stories while giving insight into the invention and development of photography itself.


Through private consults and group seminars, Maureen helps people solve a range of photo-related mysteries, from dating a Civil War era daguerreotype to organizing gigabytes of family photos from a digital camera.  Maureen finds clues in photographs as if she were a private detective out to solve a case.  She discovers stories behind family pictures by sometimes following the most mundane clue:  a hat, the shape of a woman’s sleeve, or a sign in the background.


Read what the Wall Street Journal had to say about Maureen:
Wall Street Journal


See the photo Maureen thinks might be the first American family photo. Read her article at the Smithsonian’s Click! Photography Changes Everything Link.


Learn more about Maureen’s latest project, The Last Muster, currently a 2 volume book series that follows Maureen’s decade long search for images of individuals who lived during the American Revolution and survived into the photographic age that began in 1839.


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